About SSF

The China Newsletter is edited by the Asia Department at Scutum Security First (SSF), an international consulting company specialized in implementing solutions for the protection of human, tangible and intangible assets for large and medium-sized companies. Established in 1995, SSF has been directed since 2008 by General Costedoat, former military governor of Paris.

SSF's Asia Department, led by Laurent Malvezin, provides customized support to meet the complex needs of companies in terms of access to and validation of information on Asian markets :

- Counseling for corporate communication and business unites in China (crisis communication and social programs) ;

- Business coaching on upstream strategies, including understanding political and economic decision-making circuits ;

- Qualification of unstructured and structured information to shed new light on or assess the reliability of prepossessed information ;

- Competitive monitoring to establish organizations and ad hoc arrangements.

The Asia Department publishes two information newsletters : the China Newsletter and the India Newsletter. It is structured around two divisions: the East Asia and China Division and the South Asia Division.

The China Newsletter helps you easily decipher the challenges China presents. It provides a summary of news highlights selected by our experts for their importance in China’s political, economic and industrial landscapes. Its aim is to offer additional keys to understanding and new avenues for thought for your plans for development in China.

For more information on SSF: www.securite-sf.com