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Today, the China Newsletter website offers a veritable source of information through the issues of the China Newsletter and Weekly Update, as well as the available documents.

The China Newsletter
The China Newsletter has been published by Asia Department at Scutum Security First (SSF), an international consulting firm, since 2010. This monthly monitor offers a high-value synthesis of the latest economic, industrial, diplomatic and financial news in China. It is intended to alert you to opportunities contained within China's economy, and to detect the risks inherent to its development.
Today, the China Newsletter team wishes to share this database with all its readers. Therefore, the current issue can be freely accessed, and all the archives can be consulted with a free account.
The China Newsletter has been translated from French to English since November 2011.

The Weekly Update
Since February 2012, the China Newsletter team has been regularly publishing short news articles on its website that are then gathered in a weekly email update.

Available documents
Learn more about various topics with our documents available to download for free.

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