Our commitments


Our products are elaborated in collaboration with specialists on China. We are committed to choosing the information contained in our documents with pertinence and to ensuring its accuracy.


Our tailor-made products are elaborated on a strictly confidential basis. We are committed to guaranteeing the protection of our clients’ knowledge and savoir faire. Within the framework of the Data Protection Act, we are committed to respecting your right to access (art. 36, loi 78-177), modify and suppress (art. 36, loi 78-17) your data. This website has been declared to the CNIL under the number 1558990. For more information, please read our legal section.

Availability and delivery

We are committed to ensuring our products are available on this website, and to respecting the given delivery periods.

Generally speaking, we are committed to respecting Scutum Security First’s Code of Ethics, in accordance with International Human Rights and Labor Laws.